Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Product Review: 'The Beautiful Life of...' book by Four Bears Books

NOTE: So that you know, I'm not being given anything to review this product, nor was I asked to review it. I'm just very impressed with it.


Back along a couple of months I backed a project on Kickstarter because it looked pretty cool.

The concept was brilliant. Writer Juliette Eames and a small team at Four Bears Books had come up with a hard-back book that could be customised to make anyone's life into an heirloom accessible to anyone from the littlest family members upwards.

For my donation, we got to be one of the first families to receive a book. We chose to feature my Maternal Grandfather (who was my March Relative focus back in 2016) as of all the near relatives we could think of, he was the one relative who every living adult member of the immediate family was alive to know and we felt that was an important place to start. Over time I'd like to think that we could possibly collect a few more of these books focusing on other relatives too.

As is my traditional curse, some of the administrative side of it went wrong (if ever anything will have teething troubles, gremlins, or computer refusal, it's ALWAYS going to happen with me), so I ended up trading quite a few emails with Juliette herself and even, in the end, we even got to speak on the 'phone. I have to say, she's one of the most on-fire genealogy/family history people I've ever encountered and it's clear that her whole heart and soul is tied up in this product.

Our book arrived ever-so speedily today (I think about 3 weeks from standing once we got everything sorted out) and we are so impressed with it. It's a great quality book and beautifully presented.

Would you like to see a few pictures of what they created for us?

The Front Cover

Pages they made from family photos we contributed

The opening of the story

The part about his marriage to Grandma:

Should you happen to be on the lookout for a genealogy/family history based gift or even a baby welcome present, this would be a lovely option. We're really pleased with ours.

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